Armadillo Family

Get to know the Armadillos

Armadillo Ranch is a family owned, small local business in the center of Historic Downtown Manitou Springs. It all began when the Ancient Mariner was closing their doors after over 35 years of Manitou music traditions and artists playing the only stage to grace the downtown avenue. The building was destined to become another t-shirt shop, which would be crushing to the local arts scene as Manitou is a Certified Colorado Creative District. Jason & Jenna stepped in to save the stage- with no experience in the industry - and have been learning tough lessons on operating a bar/restaurant/music venue ever since.

Armadillo Ranch opened on July 4th, 2019 & After a roaring first summer, the pandemic drove this small, family-owned fledgling business into an uncertain future. With all the local venues shuttering their doors, the Armadillos made a bold move...

Armadillo Ranch was the only establishment to keep music alive during the pandemic in the area, paying local artists who were otherwise suffering in a time where everything came to an abrupt halt.

For the local artists starving for a stage to play on and a group of dedicated Manitou residents and music fans, the melodies continued to roll out the front door, making smiles behind masks and air hugs and elbow bumping a regular sight. As would have been expected at the ORIGINAL Armadillo Ranch (and if you don't know that story, then you must stop in and ask the owner, Jason), the music never died.

Now open 6 days a week and  live music every day.  Restaurant offerings include in-house smoked pork, burgers, wings, traditional pub fare, appetizers & selections for all your vegetarian & vegan friends as well! You’ll notice the logo is comprised of rainbow dancing armadillos, like the Grateful Dead bears.. an indication that everyone is welcome, no matter your race, age, political or sexual orientation or preferred musical genre. This is your living room as much as it is ours. Go home with the armadillos- you are a stranger here but once.